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Software Developer

Java, Spring | 3+ years experience | Remote

Software Developer

PHP, Laravel | 2+ years experience | Remote

Team Leader

JavaScript, React/Angular, Node.js | 4+ years experience | Remote


Linux/Unix, CI/CD, Docker, Git | 2 + years experience | Remote

QA Tester

Manual web, REST API testing | 1+ year experience | Remote

Why work with us?

We do not hide our real names, locations, and strategies. Gathering the most versatile and original professionals from all parts of the world we have already confirmed the status of the most perspective young team within the new-development digital market niche.

We are not bounded to any “common” samples and approaches. Our inspiration, values, and quality assurance are embodied in our exclusive products and services we create for our clients upon their preferences and business tasks. Designing and generating high-tech author content and programs we accelerate our staff and customers’ progress.

We enjoy not only our work but making gifts as well as providing mounts of diverse bonuses for all our full-time specialists and newbies. Being always encouraged and rewarded all our lers are real leaders, who derive pleasure from all things they do, ensuring the long-term success and thriving for themselves and VERTAGELAB.

Careful attitude to the true needs and ambitions of every specialist together with flexible hours and competitive salaries under distance working format makes us the most coveted and competitive employer among other companies. You just need your Internet-connected device, work desire and pursuit to succeed.

We form, keep on and appreciate a favorable working environment we interact in and surrounding us, trust our partners, and support every member of our big family, constantly contributing to the integrated enhance of each other and our company. Learning and teaching new skills and experiences within our cooperation, we are constantly improving and reaching new levels of mutual understanding, competence and success.

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